Our Story

MD Charts is designed by physicians, dedicated to improving your practice. It offers a bold new approach to EHR & Practice Management. The result is a system that can be fully customized to fit the needs of even the most astute user. Engineered to maximize care to patients, MD Charts’ unique approach to reducing the time required to take notes or e-prescribe medication can help your practice no matter what size or specialty.

Aaron Wachspress, as the founder of MD Charts, based in New York, designed everything from algorithms to full-scale EHR systems. A testament to Aaron’s far-sighted software design strategy, is the Physician’s Solution electronic healthcare record platform that he designed, in partnership with physicians back on 2002, which shaped the industry and is still hailed as a premium system by its users.


Our Mission

Is to improve efficiency in the healthcare space by providing tailored EHR and Billing solutions, ultimately resulting in better care and increased physician productivity.

Our Core Values

  1. Physician-focused, friendly and professional team.
  2. Click less, Care More; Help physicians see more patients.
  3. Provide specialty-specific EHR and Practice Management services
  4. Help practices lower costs and time efficiency.

Our Main Objective

To become the market leader in the Ultra-Customized Electronic Health Records and Practice Management industry.